"As composers, we should always be questioning and redefining why we compose music and for whom do we write for.

When writing film music, my goal is to bring the director’s vision of the film to life. Also, too enhance the storytelling while contributing with new ideas but never loosing sight that the music should always reinforce the story.

My concert music is where I allow myself to be more experimental and ambiguous. I believe every new piece is a clean slate from which I can experiment and bring out new things. For many years, I have been working hard to have a strong sense of line and develop rich harmonies. Nowadays my intention is to experiment with new orchestrations, forms, and techniques in order to create and develop well defined musical gestures.

A lot of the inspiration for my music comes from my upbringing in Ecuador and the sounds that surrounded me throughout my childhood in Portoviejo and in Quito". 


Manuel García Albornoz is an Ecuadorian composer and orchestrator of contemporary music and film music. He has lived and worked in Buenos Aires, Quito, Barcelona and Boston. In 2011 after graduating at Berklee College of Music, he was hired to work at Sonicframe Productions and has been collaborating as composer and orchestrator for different projects, like the feature films The Chain and Against The Jab. In 2013 he moved back to Quito and he worked on jingles and commercials for different projects like 440 and CandleCross. That same year he was hired as a full time professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito’s College of Music where he taught harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, composition and jazz arranging and was appointed academic coordinator.

In 2014, he was involved in the production team of the album La Mitad de mi Mundo by Chilean pop star Alberto Plaza. In 2016 he worked as an arranger for the song Inmigrante by Bolivian Artist Luis Gamarra. During his stay in Boston from 2015-2018 Manuel premiered over a dozen pieces and has been performed by many contemporary music ensembles and orchestras such as The Ecuadorean National Symphony Orchestra OSNE, Transient Canvas, The Boston Conservatory's Contemporary Music Ensemble, The Boston Conservatory Composer's Orchestra. Manuel García Albornoz currently resides in Quito, Ecuador where he works as the director of the Film Scoring department at Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ and continues to work as a freelance composer.